Professional Portraits

Ross de Hoog at Fine Photos has serviced Mandurah with outstanding portrait photography for 30 years. Ross specialises in delivering high-quality, professional portraits suitable for multi-purpose use across both print and online mediums.

Services & Fees

Single Person Headshot

For $90 plus gst per person, clients receive a headshot photographed against a white background.  This includes basic image preparation, supply via cloud link but excludes services such as deep etching /clear cutting.


At Fine Photos, Ross works closely with his clients to carefully tailor a photo shoot that best meets the brief. This means that a variety of the right type of photographs are taken to meet all marketing stratagems. Ross photographs both individuals and groups. Typically, a photoshoot takes 30-40 minutes and prices start at $160 plus gst.

Image Editing

At Fine Photos, basic post-production services, such as image editing and enhancement, are included in the total cost of portraiture work. Additional high-resolution photographs are available for purchase after the photo shoot. For approximately $40 plus gst per image, clients can affordably add many more high-quality images to their marketing folios.

Deep Etching

Fine Photos offers a deep etching service for $105 plus gst per person that raises a portrait photograph to the next level of professionalism. Ross prepares high-quality, detailed, clear-cut images that are optimised and ready for use in any format, on any chosen background.


Original image


Deep etched image displayed on sample background


Finished work is delivered via a cloud link. Three versions of each image are supplied with clearly labelled file sizes. This mode of delivery secures easy access and easy handling for the client. All finished work is suitable for forwarding to printers, graphics designers or advertising specialists.

Multiple Sizes

At Fine Photos, the standard practice is to provide a range of file sizes that suit business cards, résumés, advertising, signage, extra large prints, online and other formats. Whatever the need, Ross ensures that his clients have the right image to suit the job. If a client has a unique size or formatting requirement, Ross supplies images to exact specification at no extra cost.

Sample Gallery