Art Reproduction

Ross has over 35 years experience as a photographer and over 25 years of experience in print reproduction. He believes that successful art reproduction starts with high-quality images.

Ross is dedicated to a fast turnaround. He photographs artwork using high-resolution, full frame, 35mm DSLR technology and employs a multi-capture approach with superb quality prime lenses. He ensures that his clients receive image files of outstanding quality that are ready for archival printing and image reproduction of any size.

At Fine Photos, Ross is both the photographer and the printer which means that each artwork is cared for with the respect it deserves, at every step in the reproduction process.

Excellence from Camera to Print


Professional photography


Specialised colour matching


Museum grade fine art prints

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Packaged and ready for customers

  • Quality control from image capture to final print.
  • Reproductions that are colour balanced, prepared, printed and matched in every way to the original artwork. 
  • Giclée prints made using the best printing technology available and the best museum grade fine art papers.
  • Glass framed Giclée prints with a light fast rating of more than 200 years.
  • Image archiving for efficient retrieval and printing.

Digital Cataloguing

Photographs of artwork taken at home, without the right equipment and specialist skills, are not generally suitable for reproduction. Many Artists attempt to create suitable digital files using the tools and equipment they have available, only to later regret not having their work expertly photographed when the original piece has sold.

Every time an artist creates a new piece, digital archiving should be the final part of the process, because ‘only a small percentage of the population ever buy expensive original works, but a vast number of people will pay a more modest sum for a high-quality reproduction print…’ (Image Science).

It makes sense to have original artworks professionally photographed, print prepared and digitally archived, even if artists are not yet ready to sell prints.

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Sample Gallery


As a Visual Artist, I often require professional, high-resolution photographs of my paintings to use for websites, social media, art competitions, exhibitions, fine art printing and portfolio records.

Ross is a talented Fine Art Photographer with a smiling personality. He is always eager to help when my time schedule is limited. The job is completed with a quick turnaround and the best quality images of my artwork possible – images that capture all the fine details, even in my larger paintings.

Corrine Rapley – Mandurah Fine Artist


Starting at $44 inc GST for photography of small artworks, artists won’t find more reasonable prices. All prices are for a complete service and do not contain unknowns or hidden extras.

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Fine Photos offers a flexible range of print options. Follow the link for a comprehensive schedule of print prices, or contact Ross to discuss individual requirements.

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