Art Reproduction

Everything about the fine art reproduction process offered at Fine Photos is about reducing the hassle and run around for the artists and producing outstanding art reproduction prints on paper and canvas.

I constantly see and hear about artists who go to one place to get their art photographed, another to get it printed, back home to pack it and off to the post office to send it.  Multiple trips to multiple places consuming a huge amount of time, taking the artist away from the core business of creating.  Not to mention that this could all take days or weeks as you wait for each step to be completed.

Now imagine a better alternative.  A business that can take away all of the run around. One that uses the very best camera, professional art scanner and printer technology to achieve the most beautiful results. A business that also does all of the packing and shipping arranging of couriers and keeps you in the loop.  Imagine how much time you would get back and space when you realise you don’t need to store all that packaging material.

If you’re a passionate, motivated and hardworking artist looking for a better way, why not contact me and arrange to have a chat. And if you live in another part of Australia that’s not a problem, as I’m already working with artists from the middle, the far north the east of Australia.

If you live in another part of the world and experience the same hassles I’d love to also have a conversation as well. Perhaps I can help you open new doors and opportunities to sell your artwork.


With over 35 years of experience as a photographer and over 25 years of experience in digital print production, I believe successful art reproduction starts with high-quality images.

I’m constantly adding to and updating the technology I use to ensure the digital images I create result in amazing prints, that often have people guessing and looking to see if they are the real painting.

After 18 months of research, in 2023 I imported a WideTEK 25, art scanner from Germany that compliments the medium format, 102MP camera I also use.

The WideTek 25 is the sort of technology used by large museums and the best of the best reproduction art houses. At the time of writing this, it’s the only one being used in WA.

In 3D mode, it captures the textures and depth of the art medium used and the finest of details, often not seen by the naked eye. This all results in the prints that are quite amazing.  I’m a bit of a pixel peeper and I’m still constantly blown away by the results.

At Fine Photos, I’m both the photographer and the printer which means that each artwork is cared for with the respect it deserves, at every step in the reproduction journey, and there’s a continuity of the processes from the moment the artwork arrives.

Excellence from Camera to Print


Professional photography


Specialised colour matching


Museum grade fine art prints

Prints by ...

Packaged and ready for customers

  • Quality control from image capture to final print.
  • Reproductions that are colour balanced, prepared, printed and matched to the original artwork. 
  • Giclée prints made using the best printing technology available and some of the best museum grade fine art papers.
  • Glass framed Giclée prints with a light fast rating of more than 200 years.
  • Print on demand service with a minimum run of one.
  • Print, Pack and Send services, to take all that hassle away.
  • Prints on canvas – stretched and ready to hang or unstreteched and ready to send.
  • Image archiving for efficient retrieval and printing.

Digital Cataloguing

Photographs of artwork taken at home, without the right equipment and specialist skills, are not generally suitable for reproduction. Many Artists attempt to create suitable digital files using the tools and equipment they have available, only to later regret not having their work expertly photographed when the original piece has sold.

Every time an artist creates a new piece, digital archiving should be the final part of the process, because ‘only a small percentage of the population ever buy expensive original works, but a vast number of people will pay a more modest sum for a high-quality reproduction print…’ (Image Science).

It makes sense to have original artworks professionally photographed, print prepared and digitally archived, even if artists are not yet ready to sell prints.

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Sample Gallery


I would absolutely recommend Ross for his exceptional work and service. I have known and worked with Ross for 15 years and he is wonderful to work with. He has met my crazy deadlines and he has gone above and beyond to get the job done always to the highest quality.

Through my art business I need quality high resolution images of my paintings. Ross supplies the highest quality images, with perfect colour matching which in turn makes my life easy being able to produce quality prints straight from his supplied image.

His attention to detail and enthusiasm to help, makes Ross a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services.

Thank you Ross for making my art prints look so good.

Emma Blyth – Emma Blyth Australian Made Art –


Starting at just over $50 for small artworks, the first step in the art reproduction service at Fine Photos includes the imaging of the art work, colour balancing, a mini print and high-resolution files in multiple formats supplied on USB.

Once completed you will have all you need to begin making stunning reproduction prints, have your artwork put onto products or fabrics or anything else your heart desires.


Fine Photos also offers a range of premium fine art printing services and print size options, using a range of carefully selected fine art papers and canvas medias.

‘Print on Demand’ loose prints, or have them packaged, in standard or custom sizes, with options to meet your specific needs from A5 to A0+

If you would like more information contact Ross to discuss your individual requirements and get the lastest print price guide and artwork photography/imaging guide.

   Contact Ross here