Photographing Your Art for Reproduction – It Just Makes Sense

Almost every Artist I’ve spoken to has regretted not having their now SOLD and often commented upon artwork photographed. Or the photograph that they did take (themselves) was simply not suitable to use for reproduction prints. The regret for some as they’ve related their story has been very evident.So even if you’re not ready to get into making prints yet, it still makes perfect sense to have your artwork photographed, prepared for printing and archived to disk or hard drive.

In the words of Jeremy from Image Science

‘It should become the final part of your process every time you make a new piece – the digital files you have prepared can then be used for endless things – but most notably marketing and selling reproduction prints. This can open whole new markets for your work – only a small percentage of the population ever buy expensive original works, but a vast number of people will pay a more modest sum for a high quality reproduction print from the artist.

You must definitely do this before you sell your original works – and you have every right to do so of course. It’s almost impossible to convince clients to give back works for later reproduction though, so do make sure you bring your new works to us as you produce them.’

At Fine photos I can not only help you begin, or add to your catalogue of images, I’ll also make the process as easy as, ‘dropping it off and collecting it’ when the job is done.

You’ll leave with a usb drive or drives that contain each of your images in named folders, colour balanced, in high resolution formats ready for printing and low resolution formats for perhaps putting onto the web.

Sectional Test Strips – a mini colour reference print

For a small additional fee you can also elect to have a sectional proof sheet made on fine art paper. This reference piece will ensure that if at some point in the future you decide to have prints made and you’ve sold the original, you can ensure colour accuracy with whomever you decide to have the printing done by. See my price guide for more information.