Should I make my Giclée prints the same size, smaller or larger than the original?

Ultimately there is no right answer to this one. I’ve given it a lot of thought myself so you might like to consider the following.

An original needs to be special

People like the idea that an original is special. They pay more for it so this is a realistic expectation. So seeing a larger and cheaper reproduction for sale, sitting next to the original, is likely to project the wrong message about the value you as the artist place or your original works.

However slightly smaller and well-priced Giclée reproductions may work in your favour as they can help to create a clear distinction that lets the public know you acknowledge the significance of your original works.

Besides smaller prints :-

So where is the line between the right size and too big?

When an Artist paints or produces original artworks I don’t think that there is a right answer and nor should there be. Artists paint/draw or create for the love of it and the canvas size should be whatever they think works best for them and the media they choose to work in.

However the reproduction art market is a very different segment of the Art buying community and each Artist needs to think about their target customers. Are you pitching at mums and dads, the tourist, the gift buyer, young couples, others? It’s likely that their wants, needs and budget vary from the buyer of original Fine Art but they may still love art and want to own a piece of yours.

High quality reproduction Giclée prints can and are fil ling the gap and it will be the Artists who think like a potential customer within this art buying segment and produce the right type of product who have the potential to benefit the most. After all, your goal is to sell art and let’s be honest to sell lots of it for a good profit. Therefore you need to change places with the customer, forget about your passion for a moment and really think about the reason someone would buy one of your reproduction ‘Fine Art’ prints.

Print price is one factor but size is another. Great art will sell itself, so you’re already a third of the way there. Right?