Art Reproduction

Successful Art Reproduction starts with a high quality image. With this in mind I offer photographic image capture using a full frame 102MP, medium format camera, recognised as being one of the best cameras in it’s class in the world today. Combined with superb quality prime lenses and a multi- capture approach the results ensure that you receive outstanding image files, that are sharp, full of detail and ready to be taken on to the archival printing process on paper, canvas or other merchandise products.

How long will it take?

In most cases I try to arrange for you to deliver the work at a time that will result in the shortest turn-around time possible. So depending on the number of works to be copied, the photography and file preparation can be completed in a just a couple of days. If it’s urgent please give me a call to discuss. If it can be done I’ll do my very best to make it happen.

Colour Accuracy

Digital photography is one of the most colour accurate techniques for art reproduction. However there are a great many variables in this process and it’s definitely NOT a case of ‘click the camera and send to the printer’. My fees include image capture and colour calibrations to match the colours and density of your art work on my calibrated system.

Reproduction Print Quality

For most artists this is the major concern that they have. Please be assured that the Artist feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive to the point where with some media types it has been almost impossible to see the difference between the original and the reproduction. I’m picky and even I’m always amazed at the incredible resultsachieved and when Artists say that “it looks better than the original” I guess it doesn’t get any better.

File and Image Sizes

Quality prints require large files particularly when artworks reach A3 and above and you plan to print at A3 or bigger. To produce a 900x600mm image and retain absolute sharpness and detail a 75MP image is required. If you considering that most cameras today capture images at about 25-40MP, you quickly realize the image size gap. It’s not uncommon for me to be producing 300-450MP+ files for artists that allow them to take their larger art works and produce them beyond the original art work size and beyond 2 metres wide.

I hear you say that you would never need to ever make prints larger than the original and certainly not to an enormous size like 2+ metres. Perhaps not. But what if you were asked and you could say, ‘Sure, not a problem’.

Justifying the Cost

Justifying the expense of getting your work photographed and printed for the first time can be daunting and seem expensive. Please be assured that my photography prices are the most reasonable that I can find anywhere, mainly because my overheads are low. However, if you consider that after just one sale, you can recover all of the costs associated with the photography, the production of the first print (of any size) and also make a profit, the overall cost quickly becomes insignificant.


All of the pricing is for a complete service. There are no hidden extras or unknowns. The price is quoted on the job and not on the time taken, so you can be assured that there won’t be any unwanted ‘Bill Shock’.


I can provide the most outstanding quality Giclee prints in sizes up to A0 using the very best 44” wide HP printer technology. Every print is made in house, so you can be assured of absolute quality control and attention to colour detail. The combination of light fast pigment inks and the very best acid free papers will ensure that you can reproduce artwork with the confidence that it will last for many decades to come. Many of the paper and ink combinations I have selected have been age tested to last more than 200 years. No other printer and ink combination currently available on the market exceeds the lightfastness performance of the HP combination.

Sectional Test Strips

This is an inexpensive way to keep a colour accurate section of you original work. $8.00 each. Ask for details when you call or email.

My Recommended Papers for Art Reproduction

Fine Art Smooth 200gsm

Fine Art Smooth has a matt warmtone surface and is an excellent and highly cost effective premium paper. Created from an alpha-cellulose base with the latest advances in matt coating layer technology, this product allows fine art photographers and printers to achieve the artistic interpretation of an image by drawing out sharp crisp details, while maintaining vivid colors.

Key Benefits

Cotton Rag 290/310gsm

With no optical brighteners and the longevity, image stability and a clean matt surface required for the very best in fine art printing. This smooth surfaced heavy weigh paper truly has a lux feel and is offered as the perfect choice for crisp detail.

Key Benefits

Textured Cotton Rag

The Cotton Textured Rag has a very similar surface finish to the popular but much more expensive Canson Aquarelle. A slightly more contrasty finish than some other papers that makes colours pop. Pastel, charcoal and pencil works look amazing on this cotton rag paper.

Smooth Pearl

This has been the go to paper for photographs for years and the smooth pearl option is a favourite because it not only produces prints that have the true look and feel of silver based photographs, it also eliminates glare and finger prints. This is a proven, timeless paper used by professionals worldwide.

HP Ink permanence test with Ilford papers >200 years

What to do next?

I hope that the information above has been helpful so far and has assisted you to answer some of the questions about getting your artwork photographed. When you’re ready I’d really enjoy the opportunity talk and discuss your photographic needs but if email is easier that’s fine as well. I hope to hear from you soon.

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