Ross has worked in the photography industry for over 35 years. He has been a professional photographer, photography teacher and photography judge, to name only a handful of roles.

Fine Photos, based in Mandurah in Western Australia, was established in 1993 with a focus on weddings and portraiture. For the first 12 years of business, Ross photographed more than 300 weddings and loved it.

But the digital revolution brought significant changes to the photography industry and with it, new opportunities.

Ross shifted his focus to professional studio portraiture. Technology continued to evolve, and he saw the need  in 2014 for a precise photographic service that captured 2D artworks.

Seizing the opportunity to provide such a service, Ross learned new skills, refined well-worn skills and developed a reliable process that not many other photographers offer.

With the development of high quality, wide format printers, Ross has been able to provide printing services to artists in addition to photography. Supplying a no-fuss, beginning to end boutique service for fine art reproduction became a primary mode of work at Fine Photos.

As a result of the rapid expansion of e-commerce and the desire of artists to sell reproduction prints, Ross saw a gap in the market.

Ross could see that artists run all over the place, from photographer to printer, home to pack their orders and then off to the post office.  A time-consuming, expensive hassle that takes artists away from the creative process they love. So, he introduced an end-to-end service. A one-stop, no fuss, easy-to-use access and use ‘Imaging, Print Pack and Send Service’.  For the artists who use the service at Fine Photos, it’s been a game changer.  Ross is now working with artists across Australia build their dream and have more time to create their art.

Despite its great success, Fine Photos continues to pride itself on small business values that are hard to find today. Ross works alongside artists to support their dream of selling artwork and always endeavours to give his clients the best quality service possible at a highly affordable price. His work has not only earned him an excellent reputation but also displays a rare integrity.